The promise of Web3 gaming is that users will own their in-game assets in the same way that they own controllers, consoles, etc. (Photo by Florian Gagnepain on Unsplash)

The Genesis of a New Industry

CryptoKitties was the first Web3 game, and was almost responsible for crashing the Ethereum network! (Image from CryptoKitties)

The Mechanics of Web3 Gaming

Web3 games allow users to leverage blockchain technology to own assets, virtual lands, and create a plethora of experiences. (Image from author)
Using a wallet such as MetaMask allows players to interact with and control their digital asssets. (Image from Decrypt)

How Web3 Differs From Traditional Gaming

Because Web3 gamers own their assets and what they might create (accomplishments, virtual land, etc.) they have greater freedom and power over their experience. (Photo by Gabriel Dias Pimenta on Unsplash)

Future and Present Challenges

This is what Web3 looks like to most people. We’ve still got further to go! (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Being able to be participants and stakeholders in gaming with change the industry forever. (Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash)