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Co-Founder/Partner Engagement

Co-Founder of Rare Network,Wes has a decade of global software sales and services experience within the Content Services industry. Wes created the RARE stake pool with Rand in 2020. Wes has a bachelor’s degree in Information and Telecommunication Systems with a minor in Business and Marketing.



Co-Founder/ Live Events Production

Co-Founder of Rare Network,Rand has 15 years experience creating live events and has been working in the crypto space for 7years. Rand was an award winning pioneer in the cannabis industry. Additionally, he was a Sales Director for a $40M annual revenue logistics company. He is the one full-time employee at Rare Network.



Director of Operations

Core member of the Rare Evo team, Evan heads business operations at Rare Network, with 10 years experience in live events production and co-founder of Lucid Investments with a focus inWeb3 gaming.



Account Manager

With over 2 decades in hospitality management, Nathan is a seasoned professional known for crafting exceptional guest experiences. He’s been immersed in blockchain technology for the past 8years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics.



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