Snapbrillia is NOT your typical hiring or crowdfunding platform. (Image from Snapbrillia)

A New Approach to Hiring and Crowdfunding

With Snapbrillia, you get access to a qualified global talent pool from all over the world. (Image from Snapbrillia)

Building Economic Reputation

Building an immutable work history, which Snapbrillia calls “economic reputation,” is the best of blockchain technology and inclusive hiring practices combined! (Image from Snapbrillia)

Crowdfunding for the Underrepresented

Grants are Snapbrillia’s Solution to Quadratic Funding and allow you to fund public goods projects safely and democratically. (Image from Snapbrillia)

Changing the Employment Landscape

Snapbrillia is for everyone, and that mean it’s changing the employment landscape! (Image from Snapbrillia)

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